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"The Rising" 2022

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Several ingredients make up DMV hip-hop artist and producer ScholarMan: creativity, originality, vision, determination, and soul. Hip-hop soul. An authentic display of words over melodic rhythms. His brand and style is a blend of golden era hip-hop, but delivered with his own flare; from his own point of view. Some think old school or old fashion when they hear the term ‘golden era,’ but not ScholarMan. He thinks foundation. Because that’s where it all began for him. The golden era is his baseline. A necessary reference point. His blueprint.

A ‘70s born, but ‘80s baby, ScholarMan fell in love with hip-hop in the early 1990s. He became captivated with the culture at a time when you could turn on the radio and hear a variety of music from many different viewpoints and areas. A time when it was okay to be different, to walk your own lane and set your own trend. So that’s what he did and continues to do. He began to make music in the mid-90s and has enjoyed every minute of it since. The ups and downs, the highs and lows – he has learned to embrace his struggle as an independent artist. 

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