What’s Your Purpose?

No matter what faith you follow, every person’s existence is because of a greater purpose assigned to that individual. For some people their purpose may be small, to others extremely large, regardless we were born to do something positive to contribute to the great mass of energy this world generates. As a writer, I contribute ideas on paper, as an emcee I contribute my life experiences through music and as a producer I contribute various emotions through rhythm. What is your purpose?

Since hip-hop runs through my veins just as naturally as the blood that keeps me alive, it is only correct to use the state of hip-hop to describe my point. Point being, many people who represent this culture are doing so in vain. Many artists are degrading not only themselves, but also their heritage as well as the art form with much of the music presented. Over the past twenty years, the hip-hop I love has drastically declined where one could feel alienated by simply listening to the radio today.

What is your purpose? Why are some of you in the game? What happened to the songs like Self Destruction, Fight The Power and Hey Young World? What happened to positive lyrics, lyrics that inspire and motivate listeners to bring change in their lives and communities? Lauryn Hill said it best on Superstar:

Everything you drop is so tired Music is supposed to inspire

How come we ain't getting no higher?

I know you think that you've got it all

And by making other people feel small

Makes you think you're unable to fall

And when you do, who you gonna call?

See, what you give is just what you get

I know it hasn't hit you yet

Now I don't mean to get you upset

But every cause has an effect […]

To the artists who represent the “hood life,” you described the hood now can you describe solutions to the problems you addressed? Do we want to improve our communities or continue to suffer spiritually, physically and financially? Any artist can drop songs about drug sales, murder and sex; is it hard to create songs about how to avoid being trapped into these lifestyles? Must be. Songs are more than a quick $.99 download or a ringtone, they are mediums that affect every person mentally and spiritually.

An occasional two step song, I’m good with; a song glorifying the beauty of a female or songs about struggle, I am also good with; but ten songs back to back on the radio that praise negative things like those I mentioned earlier, I am not  okay with. Parents, our children imitate these artists, study these artists, dress like these artists. The generation gap will continue to get wider if we do not communicate with our children at their level on what good music really is! Do not continue to fund this brainwash movement! We may not be in chains and shackles anymore but we are suffering mental slavery. This is worst than being bound at the hands and feet. Once you have psychological control over a people, you determine their destiny.

Lastly, some say the music we hear is a description of what is taking place in our communities; the funny thing is when I ride around mine I see a lot more than what is being described in these songs. Life is bigger than material things; it is about establishing a long line of family who are not only prosperous by means of wealth but also by knowledge and love for one another. Define your purpose and control your own destiny.

- ScholarMan